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"Moving Forward by Faith and Trusting in God's Word" - Hebrew 10:23-24 NLT

Deacons and Deaconnesses
Deacon Carlton Tennyson, Deacon Chairperson
Sis. Corine Daise, Deaconness Chairperson
Mission Ministry
Sis. Mary Thaggard, President
Youth Ministry
Minister Mildred Moore Director
Sunday School
Deacon Robert Daise, Superintendent
Minister Eugene Edmond, Assistant Superintendent
Memorial Temple Choir
Bro. Chris Perkins, Minister of Music
Bro. James Williams, Director
Adult Usher Board
Sis. Cynthia Rowe, Chairperson
Youth Ushers
Sis. Corine Daise
Family & Friends
Sis. Kenva Terrell, Chairperson
Married Couples’
Deacon Jimmie Jones
Deaconness Sharon Leverity-Jones
Christian Education
Bible Study
Pastor Ellse Cox
Young Adult Ministry
Sis. Cindy Wilson
Business & Professional Women
Sis. Angela Youngblood, Chairperson
Pastor’s Aide 
Antionette Bellinger, Chairperson
Media Ministry 
Min. Mildred Moore
Kenva Terrell, Chairperson
Sis. Caron Green